Mapping the Field programme

Friday 9 August

9.30 Welcome and introductions

10.00 Panel one: chair Tracey Sowerby

Papers by Timothy Hampton (UC Berkeley), Joanna Craigwood
(Cambridge), and Diego Pirillo (UC Berkeley)

11.20 Coffee

11.50 Panel two: chair Jan Hennings

Papers by Christopher Warren (Carnegie Mellon), Edward
Holberton (Cambridge), and André Krisher (Münster)

1.10 Lunch

2.10 Panel three: chair Jo Craigwood

Papers by Warren Boutcher (QMUL), Edward Wilson Lee
(Cambridge), Joad Raymond (QMUL)

3.30 Coffee

4.00-4.45 Discussion of the day’s papers: chair Tracey


Saturday 10 August

9.30 Panel four: chair TBC

Papers by Susan Brigden (Oxford), Jason Powell (St Joseph’s
University), and Will Rossiter (Liverpool Hope)

10.50 Coffee

11.20-12.40 Panel five: chair Timothy Hampton

Papers by Nandini Das (Liverpool), Jan Hennings (Oxford),
and José Maria Pérez Fernandez (Granada)

12.40-1.40 lunch

1.40-3.00 Panel six: chair Susan Brigden

Papers by John Watkins (University of Minnesota), Glenn
Richardson (St Mary’s University College), and Tracey Sowerby (Oxford)

3.00-3.45 discussion: chair Jo Craigwood


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